Guidelines for Judging

  • Impact
  • Accessibility
  • Complexity
  • Sustainability
  • Product
  • Presentation

Carlos R. Julio

Carlos R Julio

Carlos R. Julio brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience in information systems, information technology and systems analysis.  Carlos has been working in an education environment for more than 6 years as IT consultant/Coordinator and now as an analyst programmer of accreditation systems for the Graduate College of Education. Previously, he worked in international shipping. He has developed systems in areas of: statistics, marketing, accounting, insurances & claims, logistics and satellite communication for vessels. He also has experience with assets recycling and ecommerce.

Julia Gitis

Photo of Julia Gitis

Julia is currently Product Manager at Edmodo, a venture-backed K-12 network that connects teachers, parents, and students. In entrepreneurial roles, Julia cofounded a consumer video startup, was Entrepreneur in Residence at General Catalyst Partners, worked as a TA for MIT's foundational entrepreneurship course, and earned a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation in business school. Julia holds a BA from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Education from Harvard, and an MBA from MIT. In her free time she volunteers at Code for San Francisco.

Lowell Reade

Lowell Reade

Lowell is a design researcher at Medallia with a passion for accessibility. Prior to joining Medallia, Lowell was a UX researcher at Chase and Apple. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Master's of Human-Computer Interaction in 2014. Lowell cares strongly about social justice, and volunteers outside of work for a local LGBTQ organization serving queer and questioning youth.

Vishal Ravi Shankar

Vishal Ravi Shankar

Vishal is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at San Francisco State University. He is also a part-time web developer at SFSU with an additional interest in building apps for Android. Prior to his education, he had worked in a Visual Effects studio for over 5 years as a Production Engineer. He specialized in developing tools and plugins for production software for movies such as Chronicle, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and several others.


Submission Guidelines:

Sunday, 12 Noon deadline

Create a basic presentation for the judging with the following elements:

  • Slide 1 Team Member BIOs and role on team
  • Slide 2 Project Name
  • Slide 3 Technology Description and list
  • Slide 4 Introduce and Describe Project and what problem you are solving
  • Slide 5-9 Screen Shots and demonstration of Prototype
  • Slide 10 Your plan for next steps or ideas for implementation.
  • Code on public repository