Meet the Judges

  • Tom Dooner
    Developer Evangelist, Code for America
  • Leigh Jin 
    Professor,Dept of Information Systems,
    College of Business, San Francisco State University
  • Carlos R. Julio
    Accreditation Assessment Analyst
    Graduate College of Education, San Francisco State University

Guidelines for Judging

  • Impact
  • Accessibility
  • Complexity
  • Sustainability
  • Product
  • Presentation


Submission Guidelines:

Sunday, 12 Noon deadline

Create a basic presentation for the judging with the following elements:

  • Slide 1 Team Member BIOs and role on team
  • Slide 2 Project Name
  • Slide 3 Technology Description and list
  • Slide 4 Introduce and Describe Project and what problem you are solving
  • Slide 5-9 Screen Shots and demonstration of Prototype
  • Slide 10 Your plan for next steps or ideas for implementation.
  • Code on public repository