Census 2020 - Get College Students and the Hard-to-Survey get Counted


Per the U.S. Constitution every person living in the U.S. must get counted every ten years. An accurate census count translates into equitable political representation in Congress and billions of dollars in federal funds for vital social programs and services in the City and the County of San Francisco (i.e., health, social services, transportation, medicare, medicaid, foster care, senior services, education, etc.).

For the first time in history the U.S. Census Bureau will make the survey available online.  This will have a drastic impact in how San Francisco County residents complete the survey. The online Census will pose unprecedented opportunities and challenges, including a strong need to bridge the digital divide.  Given the critical importance of the census and its fiscal and political impact, it is important that we do everything we can to ensure a full, fair, and accurate count in Los Angeles. Call to action:

Do you want to ensure that everyone in the City and County of San Francisco is counted accurately and that our region gets its fair share of funds for social programs, transportation, medicare, education, and other services? Do you want to make sure that all San Franciscans are counted regardless of their citizenship status?

Help everyone exercise their Constitutional right to get counted by developing strategies and/or products to effectively outreach to and engage residents for the 2020 Census.


What creative solutions, technological or otherwise, can you design to make the 2020 Census survey more accessible and engaging, especially for those that will be hard-to-survey, 

including immigrants, racial and ethnic communities, children 0-5 years, renters, college students, individuals with limited-English proficiency, and people living in poverty?

(via LA's Mayor’s Office of the Census, LA City’s Information Technology Agency)