Connecting with other sober and non-drinking students on campus

Students who are sober, in recovery or choose not to drink alcohol for a variety of reasons, have a difficult time connecting with other students on campus, especially at a university that has such a large commuter population. Often, these students who don’t drink sit home on weekends because they don’t go to bar or parties where alcohol is the main theme and don’t know how to connect with other like-minded students. Some students in their isolation feel the pressure to drink as a solution to their loneliness and because it is the perception that is how to “fit in.”


  • Help students connect with other students.

  • Find out what alcohol-free or alternative events or activities are happening at any given time. 

  • Share their activities.

  • Post for activity partners.

  • Find like-minded roommates.


At Counseling and Psychological Services’ Prevention Education Programs’ CEASE (Creating Empowerment through Alcohol and Substance-abuse Education) we meet students from across campus who are currently grappling with alcohol or other drug issues, are in recovery or don’t drink for a variety of reasons. We hear from many of these students that there is an enormous pressure to drink and that much of the social life for students centers around alcohol consumption. There are activities that are alcohol free and there are students from various majors and backgrounds who have interests in common. In addition, there are students who are looking for living situations where the roommates don’t use alcohol or other substances. 

Solution Ideas:

Create a way that students can meet, post events, look for roommates, etc in a safe way that would protect their identity unless they choose to reveal their identity, such as with potential roommates. 

Challenge Sponsors

Prevention Education Programs

Counseling & Psychological Services, San Francisco State University

Michael Ritter, Program Director