Do you know how much you’re drinking?

How much do you really need to drink to have fun? This app may help you figure out how much you’re really drinking as well as the caloric intake of a drink. You will also be warned if your are binge drinking and to not  drink and drive.


Students go out and party using alcohol as a way to relax, be social with others and have fun. People can drink and have fun if they informed as to how much they are really drinking. Not being well informed on how much a person is drinking may result in not gaining the benefits. Instead it may lead to lots of negative consequences,  including getting sick, throwing up, blacking out, engaging in activities a person may not really want, get hurt, hurt others, get into accidents, sexual assault, etc.

The app would: 

  • Help students assess how many standard drinks they are consuming and be  able to measure that against a personal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)Calculator

  • Can help calculate the caloric content of a drink, which will help folks decide  which drink they prefer to have. ( Like Weight Watchers point system).

  • Would be very useful as it is always available on a phone, which people usually carry around when they go out. 

  • Would have the latest alcoholic beverages such as: Adios MotherFucker (AMF), Superman, Tokyo Tea, Whiskey Sour, Long Island Tea, IPA beers, different wines.

  • Can help reduce a night of alcohol overuse as well as the negative consequences associated

  • Can have a warning sound when someone is engaging in binge drinking.

  • Can also have a warning sound to not drive after hitting .08 BAC

Challenge Sponsors

Prevention Education Programs- CEASE

Counseling & Psychological Services, San Francisco  State University

Karla Castillo, LMFT

Assistant Program Director